Collaboration, Connection and Community in Long Beach

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The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is where conversations that shape the future begin.

Over the last seven years, California’s Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center has undergone a series of renovations that have steadily transformed the venue into an event planner favorite. “If I could clone the space here and take it to other areas, I would do that,” says Melanie Mitchell, Senior Director of Meetings and Events at Nerium International. “It is a gem; you have to try it.”

So what makes Long Beach so special? Every square foot of the convention center is intentional. In our industry, the exchange of ideas is crucial—at its most fundamental level, that’s why we plan meetings in the first place. In Long Beach, each enhancement to the center has been engineered with these three goals in mind: collaboration, connection and community. Because when you can foster collaboration and connection, a sense of community develops—and that benefits us all. Here’s how these ideas come to life in Long Beach.

Collaboration: Curated Seating

Throughout the convention center, you’ll find a variety of fun and comfortable seating areas where your attendees can sit down, relax and talk. Because you never know when and where inspiration might strike, the campus has been designed so that attendees never have to look further than 10 feet around them to find one of these collaborative spaces.

Connection: Turnkey Venues

Snapping a photo for Instagram during a street-style party at The Cove. Being inspired by a live music performance or keynote address in the customizable Pacific Room. Enjoying drinks and food together by the reflective pond at the Terrace Lobby & Plaza. Each of the convention center’s turnkey venues are designed to spur connection and excitement amongst attendees, no matter the event.

Community: A Warm Welcome

“When you come to Long Beach, you feel the love,” says David Alder, CEO and founder of BizBash Media. Long Beach offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city energy, making everyone feel like part of the community, even for just a day. On top of that, the high-touch, concierge-level service provided by the expert team at the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau goes above and beyond to not only make sure planners feel taken care of, but every attendee as well.

Bring your people together and watch the magic happen at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

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