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Making CSR Part of the Event’s Fabric

The American Quilter’s Society’s QuiltWeek events make it possible for participants to give back to the local community in the best way they can.

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Force Majeure: Negotiating a Common Clause in Uncommon Times

Surges in COVID-19 cases caused by variants and the difficulties of predicting in-person attendance continue to make it challenging for organizers to know if or when to postpone, cancel, or try to renegotiate the terms of an in-person event. Here’s a legal perspective.

CL22 attendee asking question

Gender Equity: More Than Good Intentions

The percentage of women speakers at scientific conferences hosted by the journal Nature soared when the publishing and research company’s event organizers codified their efforts — and held themselves accountable.

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Event Professionals Press Forward

The latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey results reveal that planners and suppliers feel more hopeful as they face COVID’s latest variant — and that planners are less inclined to cancel their upcoming in-person events than they were when in the throes of the Delta variant.

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How Event Professionals Can Think Like Futurists

Amid continuing uncertainty around planning events during COVID’s wild ride, we turned to professional futurists to help put us on the path to envisioning business events going forward. Here’s a shorthand guide to thinking like a futurist.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

A 76-year-old Chinese American volleyball tournament took a second look at a second-tier city — illustrating what can happen when the values of a destination and an organization align.

COVID testing at an event

The COVID-19 Testing Conundrum

Many experts now say that frequent, daily rapid tests are a superior approach to safer travel and gatherings, but for event organizers scarcity and high costs stand in the way.