5 Steps to Creating a Scalable, Flexible Event with Solid Video Strategy

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Video adds another level of interactivity to events. Living in a global village means people should be able to watch your content anytime from anywhere, interacting with it and each other. To maximize your event’s effectiveness, you need a digital video strategy that delivers a scalable and flexible streaming solution—whether you’re streaming one keynote or multiple sessions.

1. Think Globally—Your Attendees are Everywhere

No longer is your event limited to a local audience. Live, online footage provides extensive reach, and a streaming service can give you the tools necessary to maximize views.

2. Turn Up the Interactivity

Be sure to give online viewers a surround-sound experience. Incorporate things like live chat, social sharing, Q&A, quizzing, surveys and polling to engage with your viewers in real-time, and make online attendees feel connected.

3. Make Your Content More Accessible

If your videos aren’t accessible to everyone, you’re limiting your reach. Content should be easily accessed on any device.

4. Remember, Analytics Are Your Friends

Improve your events and maximize attendee satisfaction by leveraging data. The result? Improved attendee satisfaction, marketing strategies and ROI.

5. Maximize ROI Year-Round

Get the most out of your event content by selling online passes, repurposing videos into continuing education courses, and using the footage in marketing materials. You can reach a worldwide audience while creating brand awareness and gaining new leads, resulting in more sales. The sky’s the limit!

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