10 Tips for Event Professionals Using LinkedIn

In the last two decades, LinkedIn has evolved far beyond a platform where professionals could post their resumes. Here are ideas for getting the most out of LinkedIn from three savvy event pros.

Author: Barbara Palmer       

person posting on LinkedIn from mobile device

Study posts that you admire on LinkedIn and know that your posts will improve along the way, advises Juraj Holub, digital marketing and branding expert and cofounder of Remote People. (Courtesy of LinkedIn)

Long considered the duller, nerdier counterpart to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the 20-year-old business-oriented social platform LinkedIn was ranked as one of the 10 fastest-growing brands in the world last year. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has increasingly become a key space where users build relationships, share their ideas and expertise, and listen to and learn from others.

We asked three event professionals to share their top tips on how to use LinkedIn:

Julius Solaris

Founder of Boldpush; named as a “Top Voice” by LinkedIn

  • Share your tricks of the trade — share your secrets, give them away.
  • Post a minimum three times a week.
  • LinkedIn is not Facebook. It’s not your personal diary and it’s not about you — it’s about the value you create for others.

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Victoria Matey

Event psychology advisor, author, and founder of Matey Events

  • Use LinkedIn as a platform to initiate and maintain conversations with your professional network instead of just sharing your opinions. Conversations are what people crave; they strengthen social connections and positively impact our wellbeing.
  • Curate your feed by enabling notifications for key individuals you follow and unfollowing those whose content isn’t relevant anymore.
  • Stay connected with your contacts over time by messaging and engaging with what they say.

Juraj Holub

Digital marketing and branding expert, cofounder of Remote People

  • Pick one central idea for your posts.
  • Make posts “scannable” and easy to read.
  • Test different topics and formats, including video — the beauty of social-media platforms is that you get instant feedback.
  • Don’t overthink it — study posts that you admire and start writing/creating the posts and improve along the way.

Barbara Palmer is deputy editor of Convene.

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