10 Fun Social-Media Trends to Try

We’ve got two handfuls of easy ways to generate engagement for your event on social media.

Author: Sara Fellows       

If your organization has a weighty mission, does that mean that “light” social media content is off-limits when it comes to promoting your annual event? In the immortal words of Meghan Trainor, “nah to the ah to the no, no, no, no.”

When used appropriately, dance reels, Taylor Swift memes, cat videos, and the Wes Anderson aesthetic (IYKYK) can help humanize your event’s brand and build loyalty among followers.

If you’ve been hesitant to dip your toe into the less serious social media waters, here are 10 easy trends to consider. Remember, social-media posts don’t have as much permanence as other platforms, so look at these as opportunities to get creative and have some fun.

1. Give the mini mic a go.

Short-form interviews conducted with the quirky little audio prop known as the Mini Mic, like the ones done for SUPERZOO, can quickly engage in the constantly scrolling world of social media — plus they’re easy and affordable to create.

2. “I am the Director of Social Media, of course I want you to try fun social media trends.”

Authenticity is everything on social media. The “I am ___, of course I ___”  video trend shows followers that you understand the passion that underlies an industry or profession, as a means of fostering trust and building community.

3. Type out your thoughts.

Layering text over a photo or video with the trending typing sound is a simple yet effective way to get your message across. Use this trend to share an update about your event in a less serious way.

4. Showcase behind the scenes.

Want your followers to feel that they’re right alongside you during an internal planning session, event setup or on-site networking party? Share insights into what is going on behind the scenes in planning or event setup, like in this example from VMX.

5. Introduce your community.

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL has a popular Careers in Mining Series that lets viewers dig into the details of miners’ lives on the job. Followers relate to other professionals in their space and feel an authentic connection to the individuals featured and, by way of association, the mining community and event brand. (BTW, you can meet our terrific mdgers on social, too!)

6. Showcase a day in the life at your event.

One of the main rules in storytelling is “show, don’t tell.” These immersive videos can tell the story of your event while also generating excitement (and some FOMO).

7. Make it a meme.

Social-media users expect to be entertained, so you can lean into that by speaking to your audience on a human level, using memes, like the International Builders Show did.

8. Do a review but make it silent.

Your attendees and influencers can spread positive word-of-mouth without using any words at all with this TikTok trend.

9. Tap into a trending audio.

Here’s some sound advice: Try creating content with culturally relevant audio clips, whether it’s a line from Beyonce’s new song or a Real Housewives soundbite. (You can find ideas on the Later social media blog.)

10. Make it a quiz.

This type of content:

  • Encourages participation
  • Sparks interest (and stops scroll-throughs!)
  • Is a fun way for followers to test their industry knowledge
  • All of the above

Sara Fellows is director of social media at mdg, A Freeman Company, a full-service marketing and public relations firm specializing in B2B events.

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