Top Social Media Channels for Event Organizers

Sara Fellows, director of social media at mdg, shares her thoughts on the top social media sites to promote events for our annual Events Industry Forecast.

Author: Curt Wagner       

As part of our Events Industry Forecast, Convene asked Sara Fellows, director of social media at mdg, to pick which social-media channels she thinks are best for promoting events. Here’s what she had to say. (User statistics came from Sprout Social.)


2 billion monthly global active users
With the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm favor- ing discoverability and the rise in popularity of Reels, it’s hard to compete with the way this platform helps events to get discovered by new audiences and showcases an authentic and exciting event experience.


830 million members worldwide
Still the leader in driving engagement, LinkedIn is known for being a professional-focused platform, which makes it great for technical and more serious shows.


2.93 billion monthly global active users
Facebook is the market leader in number of users, and it makes the Top 3 because there is just simply no other platform where you can reach as many people. Plus, it’s a great way to cultivate a community of Gen Xers and Boomers, as they are heavily active here.

The Up-And-Comer: TikTok

1 billion monthly global active users
TikTok is the platform everyone is talking about, but many have reservations about dipping in their toes. The hesitation stems from short-form video being the only content type available — and video is more expensive and time-consuming to produce. But TikTok truly is changing the game in the way we use organic social media to drive awareness, foster brand loyalty, and communicate social proof within the event community. Plus, this is where Gen Z, and now Millennials, are going to search for events and products — in fact, 40 percent of them prefer searching on TikTok over Google. So it’s important to start thinking about having a presence here.

Curt Wagner is digital editor of Convene.

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