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Drawing People Together

New research shows that visual art can do more than add beauty to your events — it can help build connections.

large screen tv/computer

Should You Supersize Your Screens?

For many tasks, the smaller the screen, the smaller the thoughts. Get the big picture in our latest Meetings and Your Brain column.

man speaking at meeting

How to Open — and Close — a Meeting

In our latest Meetings and Your Brain column, we look at why the first and last 5 percent of a meeting "really matters," as conflict resolution facilitator Priya Parker says.

audience member taking microphone

Four Ways to Make Events More Immersive Experiences

In our latest Meetings and Your Brain column, we look at how findings from research on training programs can help event organizers create more memorable and extraordinary experiences for their audiences.

A Show of Hands Can Make Video Meetings More Productive

Hand gestures are “the leading edge of our thoughts,” one author says, while participants of a recent study who used hand gestures in video meetings reported that they had a better experience, learned more, and felt closer to others in their groups.

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