PCMA will act as a conductor for the business events industry by creating platforms and environments to drive sustainability leadership by advocating and showcasing the importance of a sustainability by design approach to all and the impact it can deliver.

Our Commitment

At PCMA we believe sustainability plays a central role in driving social and economic progress through business events. We are committed to leading our global community forward by:

  • Driving sustainability leadership: sustainability thinking and strategic partnerships
  • Advocating for and showcase the importance of a Sustainability by Design approach: decision-making and design integration
  • Rethinking our industry’s production, operations and revenue models: deliver new and innovative solutions

Our goal is to strongly influence the growing business case for investments in sustainability, building trust and confidence to shape a future where every event is a catalyst for sustainability progress and inspiration.

PCMA’s 5 Steps to Success:

  1. Define what sustainability means to you
  2. Identify your role within the sustainability ecosystem
  3. Engage stakeholders to embed sustainability into processes
  4. Co-create collective portfolio under sustainability approach
  5. New and innovative solutions & elevate sustainability mindset

How do we deliver:

  • We define where each event is at in terms of sustainability take-up and objectives
  • We adopt and deliver based on Thematic Pillars: Sustainability Leadership, Sustainability by Design and New Business Models & Approaches
  • We review production by targeting reduction & Stop greenwashing.

PCMA is proud to be EIC Silver Certified for Convening Leaders 2024

Why the EIC Certification is important:

  • Framework to measure event impact 
  • Question what and how you produce 
  • And who we should work with 

PCMA mapped all the sustainability initiatives, focusing on reducing resources, materials used and optimizing waste management. 

There is a lot more we can do and we remain dedicated to advancing further sustainability initiatives, to level up the certification and our sustainability approach. Together, we can ensure this work goes beyond Convening Leaders and inspires our teams and community at large. 

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