Show Your Membership Value With Innovative Learning and Networking Opportunities

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People primarily join associations for the learning opportunities and community connections that happen at their association’s events and meetings. With most of these gatherings going virtual, those interactions are diminished, leaving members with unmet expectations.

Consequently, many associations are experiencing a painful, high membership churn. To put it simply: it’s becoming increasingly difficult to showcase membership value at a time when most associations are unable to gather their people in-person.

The Challenge

Be it in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person setting, how can you ensure that your members feel that your association helps them make real connections and get access to valuable learning opportunities?

The Center for Association Leadership advises, “associations need to experiment with new learning formats and technology applications at both their virtual and in-person conferences.”

That’s exactly what Meeting Planners International (MPI) did with great results.

Lessons from Meeting Planners International

In February 2021, MPI teamed up with Braindate to help their community connect, network. and learn from each other at MPI’s first TalkFEST. They created a simple, yet successful and satisfying digital experience, where a keynote was followed by several hours dedicated to networking.

What this looked like: 400 participants logged on to watch the keynote. Afterwards, they used the Braindate platform to host 1:1 and group discussions on topics either related to the keynote, or on subjects they wanted to discuss.

Commenting on the experience, Jessie States, Director of MPI Academy said, “What’s exciting is that Braindate brought something to the table that didn’t really exist for us, an opportunity to help people engage in a different way. Braindate was the right solution.”

The Results

MPI’s digital experience had an impressive engagement rate. Nearly all participants connected with someone new and spent at least 1.5 hours in meaningful conversations on topics that mattered to them.

MPI understands that its members want to learn and form valuable connections. The key to their success at TalkFest was using Braindate to empower their people to form those connections by learning from their peers, instead of just from session leaders or keynote speakers.

When your association creates experiences like MPI did that provide real value to members, they don’t think twice about renewing their membership.

Join the likes of MPI, PCMA, Educause, and ASAE in offering innovative learning and networking opportunities. Learn how Braindate can help you engage your members.

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