Hear what our participants have to say about PCMA APAC Labs in Hong Kong

It was an absolute pleasure to have such an engaged and dynamic group of business event professionals come together to explore “The Future of Work: The Impact of AI on the Workforce”.

The session proved to be immensely insightful, with thought-provoking discussions on how AI is transforming the way we work. The opportunity to test out Spark, the AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, provided the participants with firsthand experience of its potential benefits. Witnessing the impact of AI on our daily tasks and workflows was truly eye-opening. 

Hear from some of our participants about their experience and insights they gained from the Labs:

“Discovering AI’s impact was eye-opening. Project Spark excites me with time-saving efficiency, benefiting juniors and streamlining solutions for seniors. PCMA Labs offers opportunities to reconnect, learn, and explore AI’s potential.”
Karine Koh, Managing Director, Asia & Oceania, ARHT

“I can imagine using Spark in our workflow as part of our daily tasks eventually. It was nice to know what is available out there and PCMA Labs condensing a variety of useful information about AI together makes it easier for us in the community to absorb it.”
Jane Saunders, Director Of Operations, MCI Hong Kong & Macau

“AI is here to stay, and it will continue to improve our work and lives. While Spark has the potential to improve my workflow, deeper exploration of real-life applications is necessary. The knowledgeable speakers at the Labs pleasantly surprised me with their in-depth dive, providing clear real-life examples of AI and interesting tools for practical use.”
Eric Chew, Digital Director & Account Director, Agenda Consulting

“PCMA Labs offers practical guidance on utilizing AI for industry benefits, emphasizing the importance of human touch and reducing workload while enabling deeper content refinement.”
Erica Seo, Director, Business Strategy – APAC / Managing Director, George P Johnson Experience Marketing


As PCMA APAC Labs attendees and registrants, your access to Spark – a business events industry AI education and development initiative, continues even after the Labs!

Now is the time to embrace the challenge of AI for the human connections you create, and ignite a path beyond the boundaries of what is possible in the business events industry.



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