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It’s never been more important to focus on meaningful team building. Between the Great Resignation and the drastic changes in workplace structure for many businesses, the connections between your group members or employees may feel strained or non-existent.

Best Corporate Events combines gamified events with a corporate social responsibility “give-back” component to draw teams together and help optimize your organizational performance.

Based on 20 years of experience, the experts at Best Corporate Events have put together a comprehensive eBook, Your Roadmap to Successful Corporate Team Building. It details how team building improves productivity, engagement and retention, along with key considerations for organizing an effective team-building event.

While the myriad events developed by Best Corporate Events are definitely fun, there’s much more to them. Groups learn problem-solving skills, hone collaborative practices and establish powerful bonds through shared experiences that draw them together in the work environment.

One example of a program that’s gotten raves from participants is Build-a-Guitar®. This corporate giveback event brings fun and excitement to your team, while providing guitars for deserving community music programs and schools. Teams utilize their knowledge, communication and organization skills to solve challenges that enable them to “earn” the tools and parts needed to assemble the guitars. They may even show off their finished products with a spontaneous jam session before donating the instruments.

And as Scott Flynn, CEO of Best Corporate Events, says, “CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] programs create memorable, emotionally powerful experiences that strengthen employee loyalty. It builds an amazing bond when employees are able to be part of their organization’s efforts to give back to the community.”

Beyond CSR, other programs include City SmartHunts® (smart-tech enabled scavenger hunts), and Bridge to the Future, in which participants are given only cardboard and duct tape, and have to build a bridge that supports the weight of the group.

Conventions and annual meetings are obvious times to hold a participatory event, but so are times like after a merger, during a downsizing or period of rapid growth and as an onboarding exercise for new team members. And while they offer more than 120 different in-person, virtual and hybrid team-building activities, Best Corporate Events also offers program customization for your specific gathering or business objective.

To learn more about Best Corporate Events or get a quote, visit their website, call 800.849.8326 or email [email protected].

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