The Future of Jobs: 3 Skills Every Event Professional Will Need

Becoming a technology user, an innovative problem solver, and a lifelong learner are among the top skills needed by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest job skills forecast. Has your role evolved to lead in the coming decade?

Authors: Marcela Torres       
Mary Murphy       

After a year of unexpected changes, the World Economic Forum took a look into the future with the Future of Jobs Report 2020. This report analyzed the jobs landscape and determined several forecasts for the years ahead, including the Top 10 Skills of 2025.

Event professionals looking to thrive in the future will want to make sure they’re equipped with three key skills.

1. Technology Use and Development: Learn the Tools

The World Economic Forum listed both “technology use, monitoring and control” and “technology design and programming” as top skills for 2025. You probably won’t be asked to dip your toe into writing code, but you will need to prepare for an increase in digitalization.

The business events industry saw a quick and expansive transition to digital events in 2020 due to the inability to gather in person. Based on the World Economic Forum’s forecasts, the need for digital knowledge will continue in the future as companies accelerate their digitalization.

2. Problem-Solving: Think Outside the Box

Many skills that are listed in the Top 10 Skills of 2025 fall into this category, including “analytical thinking and innovation,” “critical thinking and analysis,” and “creativity, originality and initiative.”

This set of skills has been second-nature to event planners and suppliers for a long time, as they’ve overcome unexpected schedule changes or delayed deliveries; however, we’ve only just begun to translate these skills into a digital world.

It’s important to acquire skills that will help you benefit from technology, as well as develop your ability to think innovatively and solve complex problems. When you have both in your back pocket, you’ll have over half the skills that the World Economic Forum has forecasted to be in high demand in 2025.

Self-Management: Become a Lifelong Learner

The Future of Jobs Report also revealed that 40% of current workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next five years, and by 2025, 50% of all employees will need to learn new skills.

These shocking statistics aren’t solely specific to the business events industry (thank goodness!), but they do shine a light on the changes happening in the worldwide workforce.

Considering the coming evolution of core skills, it’s no wonder why two projected top skills for 2025 focus on self-management, including “resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility” and “active learning and learning strategies.”

Along with learning new digital technologies and thinking outside the box, event professionals who want to prepare for the future should strive to continuously learn new skills. This will help them stay at the cutting edge where they can be resilient and flexible in a changing world.

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