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EduCon’s Tech Labs Flip the Script

In the traditional event tech exhibit hall or demonstration area, organizers get pitched to. Here’s how a new format at EduCon took a less salesy — and more interactive and informative — approach.

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Imposter Syndrome: It’s Not You, It’s the System

The term “imposter syndrome” might have been coined in 1978, but little has changed since then to help women who predominantly suffer from it. But the solution, Zoe Moore argued at an EduCon 2023 session, isn’t to fix women, but their workplaces.

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The Power of Asking Questions

At an EduCon 2023 Business School session in Montréal, the University of Texas’ Gaylen Paulson shared a proven strategy for becoming an expert in one’s field.

Book a Braindate at PCMA EduCon

Engage in one-on-one conversations with peers on industry challenges and shared interests through a Braindate session.

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Making Your Meeting More Accessible

Two wheelchair accessibility tours at EduCon gave event organizers a first-hand experience navigating an event on two wheels rather than two feet.

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