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We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week.

Inflation Ate Your Last Raise. Here’s How to Get a Bigger One.

Fast-rising consumer prices are pushing many employees to go to the mat for bigger pay increases than usual. Cringe at the thought of haggling at your pay review? One approach, according to The Wall Street Journal, is to let your boss suggest a percentage first.

Rusty Interpersonal Skills Need Addressing for Office Returns

Employees’ soft skills didn’t disappear during lockdown, but they did lie dormant and will need dusting off and refreshing as people return to the office, says WorkLife. Core skills that help people progress at work and improve productivity, such as critical thinking, teamwork, presenting effectively, and even demonstrating a clear work ethic, may all use a boost.

In Defense of Multitasking During Meetings

In a recent survey of 200 executives at U.S. companies, 92 percent said that employees who turn their cameras off and remain mute “probably don’t have a long-term future at their company.” What’s more, 93 percent of executives assume that employees who stay dark on Zoom are less engaged overall. Such news could spur some remote workers to heave a resigned sigh and flip their cameras on, postulates Quartz at Work. But a better solution might be for executives and managers to reconsider their attitudes toward multitasking during meetings.

7 Key Insights From the 2022 LinkedIn Learning Report

The recently published LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Report, “The Transformation of L&D,” examined by Forbes, draws on a blend of data and interviews with learning and development leaders to lay out the current state of learning and development and what you can do today to keep your skills sharp for tomorrow.

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