10 Reasons to Meet in South Korea

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Author: Jessica Poitevien       

A panoramic view of an ancient Korean palace.

A land of contrasts, South Korea’s mix of modernity and traditions continues to charm visitors from all over the world. (ⓒ Jeerawut Rityakul, Korea Tourism Organization)

Like attendees who mix business with pleasure, South Korea also strives to maintain a delicate balance between preserving history and tradition while embracing the conveniences of the modern world — a trait that makes this destination even more appealing. Read on for 10 reasons why South Korea is sure to delight groups of all sizes and interests.

A globally recognized destination. Over the last decade, the South Korean MICE industry has grown exponentially, consistently earning high rankings in the UIA’s International Meetings Statistics Report. With the ability to continuously evolve and boldly face new challenges, South Korea has gained the experience needed to host business events with a successful track record to prove it.

Easy navigation. As one of the most prominent gateways in Northeast Asia, Incheon International Airport offers service to 135 destinations in 49 countries and is often applauded for its top-notch quality. Attendees will also find an extensive and reliable transportation network here, allowing for travel to all major South Korean cities within three hours by road, rail, or air — all for an affordable price.

The Incheon international airport

Incheon International Airport is South Korea’s largest airport and the perfect base for attendees who want to extend their trip and explore more of Asia. (ⓒ IR STUDIO, Korea Tourism Organization)

A high-speed IT infrastructure nationwide. The first country to unveil a 5G smartphone network service, South Korea offers some of the best connectivity in the world for business events. Attendees can connect to a stable 5G network in 96 percent of the country’s multipurpose facilities as well as free Wi-Fi in public places.

A secure and safe host destination. Thanks to the country’s stability, low crime rates, and excellent handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, business event organizers can rest assured that their attendees will be able to freely savor everything South Korea has to offer.

A rich and varied culture. Visitors will find an intriguing juxtaposition of old and new in South Korea, where a morning spent exploring ancient palaces and UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be followed by an afternoon immersed in the country’s popular “K-culture,” made famous by boy bands like BTS and Netflix’s “Squid Game.”

Discover new tastes. Attendees can look forward to sampling the full-bodied flavors of South Korean cuisine that is equal parts delicious and healthy. Vegan and vegetarian attendees will have no shortage of options, and groups can bond during cooking classes where they learn to prepare Korean classics like kimchi and bibimbap.

An array of Korean dishes

Between cooking classes, upscale restaurants, and budget-friendly local gems, attendees have plenty of opportunities to explore the rich and complex flavors of Korean cuisine. (ⓒ IR STUDIO, Korea Tourism Organization)

One-of-a-kind team building experiences. Here, memorable meetings go beyond the boardroom. In South Korea, that could mean participating in a folk play performance, making traditional foods and crafts, or exploring a palace while dressed in traditional Korean clothing.

An impressive MICE infrastructure. With 14 world-class convention centers and 17 regional convention bureaus, South Korea is ready to welcome groups of all sizes. Located in cities closely connected to eight international airports, each region’s meeting facilities provide cutting-edge technology and other amenities. And with the K-MICE VR-Experience, organizers can virtually visit these convention centers from anywhere in the world.

Venues with culture and character. The Korea MICE Bureau has curated a list of 39 venues offering alternative options to the typical convention center, including unique settings such as folk villages, temples, and even a cave.

An overhead view of a Korean temple complex at night

Every moment is an encounter with Korean culture when organizers choose one of the country’s more unique venues. (ⓒ Korea Tourism Organization)

Customizable support programs. Once it’s time to start planning, organizers can rely on the Korea MICE Bureau to provide all the necessary support for a smooth and successful meeting, from assistance with hybrid functionality to providing concierge services to attendees.

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