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Jack Delosa’s keynote at PCMA’s Convening Asia Pacific received highly rated feedback and countless requests for more information. He’s kindly offered “The 8-Figure Blueprint” completely complimentary to event attendees which you can download below. You can register to watch his session On Demand until 8 January, 2021.

A message from Jack Delosa:

Off the back of my presentation at Convening Asia Pacific, I wanted to help PCMA further embrace challenge and navigate uncertainty by giving you free access to a book which is helping 6 and 7 figure businesses grow in uncertain times.

The good news? It has nothing to do with how capable they are, or how hard they work. It’s about a complete paradigm shift which I cover in-depth in The 8-Figure Blueprint which is completely complimentary to the PCMA audience.

4 key things I promise you’ll learn from this book:

  • How to break through the 7-figure glass ceiling
  • How to build the people and processes your business needs to achieve exponential growth
  • How to add more value to your business while working less
  • Battle tested strategies to thrive in any environment

Discover the strategies that took me years to master, get your copy free today!

Together from grit to great,

Jack Delosa
Founder, Chairman & Executive Director
The Entourage

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