Meet Elaine Hung, Events and Relations Manager, APRU Hong Kong

PCMA Member in Focus

Elaine recently completed the Digital Event Strategist (DES) course with PCMA. We asked Elaine to share her thoughts and insights with us:

What are some of the strategies you’ve used to manage your team through during the pandemic?

When the health pandemic first dawned on Hong Kong, tensions among colleagues primarily resulted from the uncertainties we faced including what projects would continue, how we best work from home and our job security.

Regular but not excessive communications, formal and informal, have helped to keep the bond among team members in different corners of the world and to stay uplifted. We also share updates, no matter how brief they are, to ensure we are transparent and to ease worries. We also believe it is important to provide members who are assigned new tasks with training and coaching.

What is your favorite lock-down pastime?

Cat-sitting! My chubby British Shorthair girl has been a regular participant in my virtual meetings and her presence, AKA disruption, is surprisingly welcomed. Sometimes pets are good conversation starters and ways to build bonds with pet-parents around the world!

What are some of the lessons you have personally learnt during this time?

Stay calm and carry on! While many of my work and personal plans cannot be fulfilled, there is always a silver lining behind the black cloud. I swiftly acquired knowledge in designing digital events from scratch after I was tasked with planning for the new webinar series and virtual meetings. I’ve learnt to make informed decisions but don’t be afraid to fail. Also, seek advice and comments from people around you – they may just be subject matter experts you are seeking. I try to remember to keep evolving to stay afloat in the stormy sea.

How do you think the business events industry will evolve after COVID?

For association events participants highly regard the opportunity to meet their peers, to network and to build relationships. As some regions in Asia-Pacific are at different stage of recovery or returning to normal, it is expected that hybrid events which incorporate on-site and digital components will become even more popular.

Event apps will be widely used among on-site and digital attendees regardless of their age and locality since users are much savvy and independent in technology.



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