A Perfect Atmosphere for Open Conversation at the PCMA APAC Campfire Chat in Sydney

We had an incredible time at the PCMA APAC Campfire Chat, alongside the business event professionals in Sydney for an intimate and engaging networking session on April 26.

Our esteemed guest speaker, Peter J. O’Neil, FASAE, CAE, Global Board Member and Trustee of PCMA, and CEO of ASIS International, shared his valuable firsthand experience in addressing key business issues with innovative solutions.

Along with the sharing of experiences by the Sydney community, we had some fantastic Q&A’s which provided valuable insights and takeaways.

Campfire Chat Key Takeaways

1. Adapting to the New Normal
Post-Covid event planning involves more strategic thinking and prioritising growth over a traditional event rotation schedule. Covid-19 has changed the way the events industry functions. Geopolitics have an impact on memberships and meeting planning, while associations are focused on member growth and reducing costs where possible, as a priority.

2. Industry Trends and Priorities
Members now prioritise mental well-being and attendance at events is on the rise. However, priorities have shifted, and members no longer want to spend 3-4 days away at a conference. Entertainment events are now back but not as extravagant as they used to be.

3. Technology Advancements and Security Concerns
Digital platforms are faster, cheaper, and better, and innovation has accelerated due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, privacy risks such as personal identifiers, facial recognition, and drones still exist. There is talk of convergence between security and cybersecurity.

4. Attracting Young Talent
The events industry is not entirely recognised as a profession, and there are generational differences that need to be addressed to attract more people to the industry. The younger generation often have a side hustle, and the industry needs to suit the changing shape of the workforce and promoting work-life balance.

5. Psychological Safety and Workplace Culture
Service providers are struggling with the loss of civility since the pandemic; hence it is important to create psychologically safe environments to address this issue. Workplace culture and employee satisfaction continue to be vital, with emphasis on mentorship of the next generation of professionals. The enthusiasm they have for the industry is a promising sign for the future.

An Incredible Session Filled with Inspiration

“I could hear the crackling of the fire. It was such a comfortable campfire environment, perfect for an open conversation amongst the guests”, quoted from one of the attendees.

The intimate setting provided an ideal atmosphere for attendees to make meaningful connections and expand their professional networks. The session was filled with inspiring stories, knowledge sharing and thought-provoking insights.

We look forward to our next engagement with our Sydney event community, to see the solutions implemented and the outcomes achieved, and to continue to connect to share knowledge for the growth of the industry.



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