4 Reasons to Host Your Medical Meeting in Canada

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Photo Credit: Mathieu Dupuis, Tourisme Montréal

Photo Credit: Mathieu Dupuis, Tourisme Montréal

Organizers in the healthcare industry know that access to great minds equals more meaningful meetings. In Canada—where 11 life sciences hubs offer a wealth of intellectual capital and a thriving innovation ecosystem—you’ll find the potential to forge these connections. From artificial intelligence to infectious diseases research, the breadth of concentrations within Canada’s life sciences sector is varied, drawing a steady stream of meetings and conferences along with talent, investment and trade. This creates a setting rife with opportunity for medical events, whether you’re looking to increase sponsorships, find local speakers, or just lay a foundation for the exchange of ideas.

Compliance Regulations Covered
It’s no secret that healthcare meeting often come with tricky compliance regulations. But Canada is already one step ahead. The country boasts 49 venue, hotel and destination partners certified in MPI’s Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate program and are ready to help you navigate those guidelines. “Canada’s certified partners can help visiting organizations stay on top of varying rules and requirements to smoothly plan medical meetings in Canada,” says Virginie De Visscher, HMCC, Senior Director of Business Development at Destination Canada. For international groups, this resource is an especially valuable one.

Where The Talent Is
Canada is not only home to highly skilled life sciences professionals working across a spectrum of industries, it’s also where you’ll find the second-largest life sciences cluster in North America, the Québec-Ontario Life Sciences Corridor. Here, more than 1,100 companies, 66,000 qualified professionals, and 490 undergraduate and graduate programs are working on the next breakthroughs in biological and bio-medicine sciences. This innovative environment offers an excellent place to host your next industry event.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of the country’s 11 life science centers: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Québec City, Montréal, Charlottetown, or Halifax.

Brainy Places
What do Calgary, Montréal, Toronto, Québec City and Halifax have in common? All are leaders in neuroscience, helmed by research centers making major strides in the treatment of neurological diseases, mental illness, and brain injuries and disorders. Helping support their efforts is Montréal-based Brain Canada, which funds neuroscience research projects through the Canada Brain Research Fund, the largest national fund of its kind.

In Good Company
With more than $1 billion CAD in annual public and private medical research investments and the strong presence of notable companies such as Gilead Sciences, Pfizer and Zoetis, among others, Canada is a natural draw for global meetings and conferences. It’s one of the many reasons why AIDS 2022— the 24th International AIDS Conference—will take place here from July 29 to August 2, 2022. Organized by the International AIDS Society, the world’s largest conference on HIV and AIDS will bring scientists, policymakers, and activists from around the world to Montréal, which ranks first in Canada for R&D investment in the life sciences.

Ready to follow suit and tap into Canada’s trailblazing life sciences sector for your next medical meeting? Or perhaps you’re still weighing your options and are looking for impartial information and insights. Either way, Destination Canada Business Events can connect you with the venues, providers and experts you need to bring your event to life.

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