Webinar: Power, Voice, & Choice: A Discussion of Self-Exploration & Equity

Power, Voice, & Choice: A Discussion of Self-Exploration & Equity
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In the follow up to Journey to JEDI, a session presented at EduCon 2021, Tanya Gibson the VP of JEDI & HR for BBBSA, explores how to build your awareness and equity “muscles” in this guided discussion about diversity, inclusion and impact. Become a better ally, advocate, and activist through self-discovery, honesty, and some hard truths….that will build you up without tearing you down. Building the value proposition for equity within an organization starts with self, voice, power, and choice. Let’s choose to do better and be better for each other and ourselves. We will uncover our individual voice in this conversation and learn how and where to get started at creating impact that starts meaningful change for organizations and individuals.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Where and how to start self work to build equitable outcomes at work and in your communities
  2. Build “equity” muscles to discuss uncomfortable situations
  3. Uncovering your voice to speak up and out —become a better ally


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  • Date: 08/31/2021
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