Connected Capital: Take Your Meeting to the Next Level in Washington, DC

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Plan for incredible access and world-class amenities in this forward-thinking city.

Washington, DC—home to the country’s most educated population—is where you go to cultivate connections that matter. As a hub for knowledge and innovation, important meetings in the technology, biotech/pharmaceutical, education and medical sectors have all reaped the benefits of DC’s unique venues and direct access to industry movers and shakers.

As this cosmopolitan city continues to solidify its position as a place where great minds gather, those working in sustainability, transportation and government advocacy have also taken notice. Thanks to city-wide sustainability advancements, cutting-edge transportation initiatives and access to the country’s leaders and lawmakers, there are plenty of reasons why hosting your next meeting in DC can be a valuable experience for your attendees and your organization. Here are just a few:

Meet Green
When sustainability is a priority, Washington, DC makes it easy. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, DC has more LEED-certified buildings than any other city in the U.S. And with the Clean Energy DC Act’s commitment to transition to 100-percent renewable energy by 2032, this metropolitan area is at the forefront of sustainable practices.

Enjoy Top-Notch Transportation
SmartAsset and WalletHub have both named DC the nation’s number one city for public transport, and its accessible airports, celebrated metro system and incredible walkability makes it easy for your attendees to get from here to there. But being at the top means always pushing forward, and this already premier transportation hub will soon become the fourth city in the world where Ford will debut its self-driving vehicles.

Make Connections That Make a Difference
“The region is uniquely positioned to drive success for business events with a network of federal policymakers, high-level speakers and prospective industry sponsors,” says Elliott L. Ferguson, II, president and CEO of Destination DC, the official destination marketing organization for Washington, DC. Not only is the city number one when it comes to high-tech employment and women in tech, it’s also home to 400 think tanks and a population where one out of every 10 people work for the federal government. This makes recruiting high-profile speakers such as presidential cabinet secretaries and policymakers a whole lot easier.

Ready to plan a meeting in the U.S. capital? Destination DC is here to help.

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