Virtual meetings truly can be as good as being there: Introducing Showboat

A Sponsored Message by Showboat Live

Ready for a virtual meeting that really feels like your team is together in person? Then you’re ready for Showboat, the next generation of video conferencing technology and an experiential event platform and that supports virtual, hybrid, and live events.

How does it work? First, upon entering a conference, you become an avatar that can easily navigate around the meeting space via your cursor keys—as if you are walking around a real room.

A primary feature of Showboat is the ability to network with others in the meeting, which is facilitated by spatial audio that forms a “bubble” around you and the avatars nearest you. Thus, there can be many concurrent conversations, without any audio overlapping like you experience in other video conference platforms.

You’ll also find virtual green rooms and breakout rooms, which make it easy to pivot from networking and socialization to viewing and participating in presentations. In addition, hybrid events are simple to organize, which means some people can be at a meeting in person and some can be in the Showboat virtual event space.

The platform is ready to use off-the-shelf, but also very customizable for your organization. You can choose to have a human producer supporting your event and can access Showboat’s team of 3-D artists and engineers to create an experience that is expressly your brand.

“We chose the name Showboat was because it’s a place to host live events (shows),” explains Showboat Live CEO Nate Kresse, “and [because] we enable planners and producers to put their best feet forward and impress (showboat). So how about it—are you ready to showboat?

Visit the Showboat website for more information or email [email protected] for a free demo. The team at Showboat looks forward to “seeing” you soon.

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