Three Ways Braindate Can Elevate Your Next Customer Event

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Braindate can transform customer events. Collaborative learning technology brings value that goes beyond traditional networking. Whether your event is live, virtual or hybrid and you’re launching new products or services, or whatever the reason for bringing together customers, partners and potential clients, Braindate personalizes the experience, giving them a platform to host conversations on topics they want to learn about, and find people they want to learn from.

There is a team of learning concierges to support clients in executing proven engagement strategies to get participants excited to learn from their peers.

Your team is empowered to connect with stakeholders, partners and customers and express their expertise in a way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. For example, your employees can host Ask Me Anything sessions, collect customer feedback in organic focus groups, do product launches, and more.

Braindate can create an engaging attendee experience, by giving participants active ways to interact with each other and your brand. Here are three of them:

1. Customers can use the Braindate platform to make connections based on shared interests, not just job titles. What’s important is that like-minded peers have relevant group and one-on-one conversations. These discussions are often the start of an enduring relationship. They also can help a customer feel a sense of belonging and community around the brand.

2. Potential customers can connect with experienced customers. Customers at your event can host 1:1 and group meetings on topics asking specific questions about your product and/or services. Experienced customers share their knowledge on how they’re implementing your products and services in their organization.

3. Experienced customers can also host discussions and share best practices on using your products and/or services. It’s a powerful way to increase customers’ trust in your brand by having open and non-sales conversations around your product and services.

The best networking is intentional, whether it’s done virtually or in-person. There’s nothing worse than being at a cocktail event on your own using your wine glass as a compass to guide you on where to go and who to meet. With Braindate, participants control the narrative, directing their experience so they have the right conversations with the right people at the right time, no matter where they are.

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