family looking from hotel balcony on to resort

Is Booking Event Guest Rooms Now a Family Affair?

A member of the PCMA Catalyst Community asked for suggestions for what to do when an event attendee wants to book multiple guest rooms in the event’s hotel block for extended family.

Spotlighting Trust in 2024

After reading a Convene online story about trends, a reader pledges to cut through the social media noise and demand trustworthiness of others — and herself — in the coming year.

Safe Spaces for Feelings

A Convene reader asks how event organizers can help communities navigate ambivalence, fear, and anger over climate change at their meetings.

streaming studio where business event is being filmed

Keeping Digital Events Relevant

Some event management students in professor's undergraduate class believe that virtual events are "outdated." PCMA's Catalyst Community offered their ideas on how he could dig deeper for more insight.

man singing while another plays guitar

The Future of AI — and Our Jobs

Will business events strategists lose relevancy in the eyes of their clients or organizations due to the growing use of artificial intelligence? PCMA’s Catalyst Community recently debated the question.

San Francisco International Airport water stations

The Reusable Bag and Bottle Question

Do conferences really need more bags and water bottles? Convene readers are divided on the topic, as a recent LinkedIn thread about Deputy Editor Barbara Palmer’s write-up on the topic indicates.

Educon audience

Face-to-Face Event Attendance in 2022

In-person events are returning and planners are examining their attendance numbers and what they can do to increase them. Members of the PCMA Catalyst community discussed the topic.

event attendees in masks

The Future of Mask Mandates at Meetings

Mask mandates have been lifted in most parts of the United States, but the potential for another COVID-19 surge lingers. Should associations with in-person meetings this spring and summer maintain the mask mandates they previously had in place? Event organizers in the PCMA Catalyst community discussed the topic.

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