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A Sponsored Message from Long Beach CVB

Eye-popping spaces, immersive experiences, fully customizable design, and décor—at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, all of this comes standard. From chic rooftop soirées at Top of the Lot to can’t-miss events beneath the state-of-the-art moveable ceiling in the Pacific Room, Long Beach boasts 400,000-plus square feet of meeting and exhibit space. Here, you can take your pick from an impressive array of unique turnkey spaces designed for high impact and high engagement, no matter your style. So much so that the energy translates whether your attendees are on-site or online.

Now, with Long Beach Live, your audience both on- and off-site can have access to a one-of-a-kind event experience. Fusing impressive spaces with the newest digital interactivity technologies, Long Beach Live takes the convention center’s turnkey concept and expands it to hybrid events. The campus was already home to more lights and cameras than most TV production studios — all available at no extra cost — making it the ideal setting for fully immersive digital experiences designed to expand your audience and your event’s reach well outside of Long Beach’s sunny California shores.

The entire Long Beach CEC campus is outfitted to serve as your production-ready stage, meaning you’ll never be limited to small studios tucked away from all the action. Your attendees will stay thoroughly engaged through live streaming, on-demand, live chats, social media integrations, and remote interactivity.

If it sounds like a lot to think about, well, Long Beach has thought of that, too. You’ll have an on-site Director of Creative Initiatives as well as a team that has been certified through PCMA’s Digital Event Strategy course to make sure the entire process is seamless, cost-effective, and fully customizable. That means you’ll be directly connected to all the contractors, production expertise, and future-forward technology you need to bring your vision to life.

Your imagination has no limits, and with Long Beach Live, your events won’t either.

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