Speaking Up for the Little Guys


Golden Rama Travel & Tours’ director of events is concerned about SMEs in Southeast Asia amid increasing globalisation.

As Indonesia’s burgeoning middle class continues to attract the attention of large multinational corporations, Gunadi Herjanto, international event and incentive director at Golden Rama Travel & Tours, says smaller players in Indonesia’s business events industry may soon lose out to the big fish.

Herjanto, who is based in Jakarta, said: “One of the key challenges faced by our industry in Indonesia is globalisation, where large foreign companies are investing in Indonesia. More foreign ownerships could mean that smaller, local companies will find it hard to compete for business.”

To remain competitive, Herjanto advises local operators to focus on authentic experiences.

“I feel it is important to ensure that experiences delivered by DMCs remain authentically Indonesian,” he said. “This will provide a point of difference and include small touches that foreign-owned companies may overlook.”

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