Miami: The Smartest City for Modern Tech Events

A Sponsored Message from Miami Beach Convention Center

A new state-of-the-art technology infrastructure at the Miami Beach Convention Center can take your event to the next level.

Planning tech-forward events that connect with (and impress) savvy business audiences requires high-speed, consistent digital communications—just the kind you’ll find at the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC). The Center has been completely reimagined with the latest in smart conference technology so that it can support any type of immersive event or experience your team can dream up.

Technology to Make Your Event Run Seamlessly

In 2018, the MBCC was upgraded with premium redundancy, cabling, wireless capabilities and backup power, which together make it a true state-of-the-art event facility. Offering 400 wireless access points and high-speed CAT 6 cabling throughout the entire 1.5 million-square-foot building—that’s 2,090 miles of cable—the MBCC can support the connection of 64,000 devices to its system. Its new mesh topology networking plan means that the Center works from a Main Distribution Frame (MDF)—the central “brain” for data transfer that supports all IT at the facility, from free Wi-Fi to cellular networks to security cameras. And all technology is connected to a single focal point, which means stable connectivity for your attendees.

For planners, this means more capabilities to design and utilize features like touch panels, smart boards or virtual reality displays, plus increased privacy, security and streamlined management of data. Says Andrew Brown, General Manager of Smart City Networks (telecommunications services provider for the MBCC): “One of the things that makes me excited about this renovation is that that we can handle any event or any type of experience that someone wants to have, technology-wise.”

Supercharged Streaming Capabilities

For businesses that want to incorporate immersive, point-to-point video streaming as part of their meeting or exhibit, the MBCC offers the ultimate access: 600 floor boxes with six Cat6 data jacks each, plus six ports that can each manage 10GB of data upload or download with built-in redundancies for security. This setup allows for up to 60GB of data transfer speed to a meeting room or exhibit hall—perfect if businesses need trusted, lightning-fast support for broadcast projects, streaming meetings or virtual engagements.

Engage and Inform your Attendees

Updated technology also makes it easier for your attendees to get where they’re going within the massive layout of the Center. The MBCC has enabled 400+ Bluetooth beacons around the facility to provide your group with turn-based navigation through the MBCC’s unique app. If your attendees are trying to get from a meeting room to an exhibit hall on the other side of the facility, the MBCC app can direct them there in the most efficient way possible. The app also allows you to communicate directly with attendees through notifications and alerts.

Bring your next event to life with the powerful, high-tech support of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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