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Will a clothing line that can track wearers have events industry applications?

A new line of “smart clothing” from Tommy Hilfiger will track and reward users for wearing the products. Could the niche clothing line spark events industry applications?

The Tommy Jeans XPLORE line, which includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, is embedded with a smart chip. Once paired with an app, the chip will track users and reward them with points that can be converted into merchandise or concert tickets.

The clothing brand says it hopes it will create a “micro-community of brand ambassadors.” It will also provide the brand with an unprecedented level of data on customers.

In a BBC article, Liron Slonimsky, CEO of technology partner Awear Solutions, was quoted as telling fashion website WWD: “Never before has a brand been able to understand how the consumer truly uses the product after it leaves the store.”

Concerns have been raised about how much data will be shared by consumers and how that could be used. And the line found few fans in the tech press.

Worries aside, event organisers could see an application for this as part of security for large- scale events. Could attendees with young families be reassured that through the wearing of “smart” T-shirts’ children would be less likely to get lost?

Could fundraising charities continue to track the brand awareness of their logoed outfits long after their charity run or event had finished?

It’s unclear. But what is certain is see and be seen takes on a whole new meaning.

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