Enjoy Locally Inspired Dining at Great Wolf Lodge

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From down-home Southern cooking to Pacific Coast seafood, your attendees will be treated to authentic local flavors during events at Great Wolf Lodge.

If you want to really get to know a place, start by trying the food. A great meal goes so much beyond just a combination of flavors, it can create connections between the people who share it and the place from which it came. When you host your event at Great Wolf Lodge, a team of talented chefs works with you to offer your attendees much more than just the standard chicken or fish. In fact, each of Great Wolf Lodge’s 17 locations feature local-centric dining options designed to give your group a taste of each destination.

In Atlanta, Georgia, put the Lodge’s Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken on the menu (served with homemade buttermilk drop biscuits and smoked jalapeño honey) and your attendees can experience one of the South’s most beloved comfort foods. Over in Grand Mound, Washington, plates of local Hood Canal Manila Clams and vibrant Coho Salmon serve up the fresh bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

Known as the cherry capital of the world, menus at the Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan, feature creative uses of the small-yet-flavorful fruit in dishes such as Cherry BBQ Glazed Salmon and fresh salads with local Cherry Republic dried cherries. Want to add a little New England flavor to your drink menu? Wachusett Brew Barn at the Lodge in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, serves a diverse and award-winning portfolio of locally crafted ales and lagers right on site.

Great Wolf Lodge’s locally inspired offerings extend not only to custom catering menus, but can also be found throughout each Lodge’s restaurants. Treat your group to a celebratory dinner post meeting and top it off with a custom food and wine pairing. They’ll get to sample both sweet and savory plates complemented by specially selected varietals from the in-house team.

From coffee breaks to plated dinners, let Great Wolf Lodge help you craft your perfect event menu.

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