Reasons to Plan Your Next Meeting in Japan

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Japan’s economy is humming again, and it’s welcoming ever increasing numbers of tourists and business visitors. Plan a visit, and you’ll see why.

Event participants can start to feel a little jaded as they jet from one city to the next around the world. A certain level of quality and comfort is expected by the cosmopolitan visitor, but a city like Tokyo will always offer something to delight, surprise and revive the tired guest.

Whether it’s a robot cafe, a brand-new fish market, a pulse-racing virtual reality experience or a brand-new fabulous luxury mall, Tokyo is constantly taking visitor pleasure to the next level and pumping positive energy into every gathering.

Tokyo also offers the perfect context to consider any realm of knowledge, including the present and future of energy, engineering, automobiles, automation and robotics. The biggest names in Japanese industry and the global economy are linked up and dynamically active in a mega-city that continues to set the pace for Asia and the world.

And if you choose to move away from the capital to one of Japan’s regional destinations, you’ll find that dependable flights and high-speed trains put the entire country within easy reach in just two to three hours, with many exciting locations just a short train ride away. For history, there’s Kyoto and Nara. For nature, Hakone and Mt. Fuji. And for a super-modern urban environment that can match everything Tokyo has to offer, look no further than Yokohama, just a 30-minute train ride south of the capital.

Dr. Piero Carninci, who chaired the local organizing committee of the Human Genome Meeting 2018, describes host Yokohama as “a very attractive city built around a comprehensive center, located in the vicinity of an international airport and a wonderful, flexible conference venue.” Noting the close proximity of high-quality hotels and restaurants, he draws attention to Yokohama’s “mix of strong event program with fun social and networking activities. Also, the blend of quality facilities and available local support that is found all throughout Japan is state of the art.”

The Human Genome Organization’s yearly meeting strengthens the network and relations between scientists dedicated to the task of deciphering the human genome and discovering new therapeutic possibilities. It can only be a matter of time before they confirm that putting the customer first is part of Japan’s service DNA!

Careful consideration of each viewpoint is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. Local partners will seek the best possible arrangements to ensure that any planned activity succeeds. That means you can look forward to getting exactly what you want and more from your event in Japan, and participants can expect the unexpected in terms of thoughtful touches and attentive service.

One feature of working with Japanese event professionals that you may especially enjoy is the exciting synergy you can achieve by combining the best of Western individuality with Japan’s unique commitment to group success.

And never underestimate Japan’s playful side! This is the land of fantasy and fun. Whatever you can dream up, your Japanese colleagues will go the extra mile to help turn into an entertaining reality that lives on for years in the form of happy memories for all.

The top professionals you engage with in Japan will have robust connections to public and private networks offering access to the person, company or organization of your choice. Japanese partners will interface with local governments and venues to ensure that whatever you need is delivered in style. And well before the curtain goes up, everything will be ready for showtime.

Outstanding attendance, satisfied attendees, transparent costs and a loyal, responsive team in one of the easiest countries in the world to get things done: Japan is waiting to welcome you with a smile that says you’ve made the right choice.

An advertiser message supplied by Japan National Tourism Organization

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