Only in Japan: 3 Unique Experiences to Inspire Attendees

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Elevate your next international gathering with one of these team-building Japanese traditions.

Sometimes the best way to cultivate new ideas is to step outside the meeting room. In Japan, you’ll not only be able to gather in a global epicenter of research and development, you can also tap into the natural beauty, rich traditions and genuine hospitality that make the country a favorite destination for international meetings and events.

Here are three experiences you’ll find only in Japan that can help your team work better together, stay focused and find inspiration.


The Spirit of the Samurai

Loyalty, courage, compassion, honor—these are just a few aspects of the bushido code that Japan’s most noble warriors lived by. Invite your attendees to channel the fearlessness of their inner samurai by admiring a master swordsman and learning the basics of handling a katana sword during one of the country’s many interactive samurai experiences.


Get in Sync

Used during theatrical performances, the taiko—or drum—has been a significant part of Japanese culture for centuries. Leave room in your agenda for a team building exercise where you invite attendees to learn the collaborative art of playing these powerful, rhythmic instruments. The experience can be rewarding and cathartic for all involved.


Local Flavor

Treat your group to an authentic taste of Japan as they learn about the history of sushi as well as how to make their own during a hands-on lesson. Encourage a bit of friendly (and delicious) competition as they see who can make the best tasting sushi using fresh-caught seafood. In Tokyo, you’ll have access to the high-quality fish at Toyosu Market, the new location of the famous Tsukiji Market, or you can sample the offerings at one of the country’s many other bountiful sea ports and markets.

See what other wonders Japan has to offer for your next big event.

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