‘It’s Not About Having All the Answers’


Pacific World’s global managing director, Selina Chavry, shares insights on how to lead in today’s new normal of constant change.

Being a leader in today’s world means leading in an environment that is constantly changing. Instead of trying to keep the environment steady, leaders need to continuously find ways to evolve and challenge business models.

Leading in an environment of change — our new normal — presents a completely new world to leaders. I don’t proclaim to have all the answers, but I have learned that people will follow someone who inspires them.

Selina Chavry

Being an effective mentor is not about having all the answers. Rather, it is about helping others develop their own ideas and giving them the freedom to try. Great mentors form strong connections with people by being honest, kind, challenging, and even vulnerable. Showing these traits will bring respect because others will identify with you as a human being and not just as a boss.

The industry is also becoming more global, meaning the importance of gaining diverse cultural experience and drawing from different viewpoints is vital to staying relevant both as a business and as leaders. Our industry will continue to attract dynamic and multicultural events professionals if we are able to teach the next generation how important it is to be adaptable, to challenge themselves, and to challenge those around them.

To those new to our industry and to future leaders, I advise you to be ready to adapt, to try new things, and to feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

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