The Intersection of Data and Design

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Find out how Experient uses science and creativity to enhance guest experience and make your event a success.

Ever wish you could get inside the minds of your attendees? What are they really here to see; did that speaker actually capture their attention or did they zone out and start answering emails after the first five minutes? Was that organized activity even worth it? With so much to consider—venues, budgets, logistics, exhibitors, speakers, catering, the list goes on and on—designing an event that truly gives attendees an experience they’ll remember can seem almost as tricky as trying to read someone’s mind. With Experient in your corner, you don’t have to guess what works, you can know for sure.

For decades, Experient has delivered bespoke services (including event marketing, exhibitor services, supplier sourcing and management, logistics, housing and more) that help planners not just identify and reach their goals, but wow their guests in the process. Whether you’re looking for help increasing your event attendance, registration services or end-to-end event management, Experient use science and innovation to help you mitigate risks and deliver something unforgettable.

The goal of every event planner is to create an exceptional experience for each and every guest. Experient does this by collecting and leveraging useful data and transforming it into meaningful insights that allow you to make informed decisions. With cutting-edge technology such as their proprietary eventBit, you can even monitor what your attendees are responding to and what they’re not—in real time—and adjust accordingly.

Innovative event design can open up a world of possibilities. Data can help make it a reality. Experient gives you both.

Let the experts at Experient help make your next event exceptional.

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