How Does Your Organization Collect, Use Participant Data?

Author: Michelle Russell       

Only 23 percent of respondents to Convene’s 28th annual Meetings Market Survey said that their organization has changed how it collects and uses participant data (attendee and/or exhibitor) related to meetings and exhibitions. We asked those who checked the “yes” box to explain what they’ve done. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance was mentioned several dozen times. Here are some other responses:

I use data collection more and have taught my team how to use it. The association is well invested in data analysis and propensity modeling.”

Beacon technology in every booth.”

Collecting more general demographics of attendees at registration.”

We’re more conscious about where attendee lists are displayed due to housing pirates.”

More segmented opt-in process. More limitations on shared or sold lists.”

New technology has been adopted to track behaviors and data with our marketing.”

We’ve added RFID into the mix, with various applications to collect and share info between attendees.”

We conduct weighted voting using IT devices, and use SurveyMonkey for post-event surveys.”

We’ve stopped scanning sessions.”

We changed the questions we ask on evaluations to get better data. We also re-evaluated how we share participant data.”

We have created a much more robust survey system over the past three years and go through a deep analysis of the data at the end of each cycle.”

Sadly, we’re just trying to get to the point we can collect attendee data in a way that we can coordinate it with our membership data.”

We’ve adopted different lead-generation apps.”

We’re looking to branch into online ads more.”

With the launch of a conference app, we’re able to view analytics we’ve not had our hands on prior to the app.”

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