Meetings Market Survey: What They Said

Author: Michelle Russell       

In Convene’s 28th Annual Meetings Market Survey, we asked respondents two open-ended questions — What’s the No. 1 Challenge Facing the Meetings Industry? and What’s on Tap for this Year? Here are some of their comments:

What’s the No. 1 Challenge Facing the Meetings Industry?

When asked this question, some respondents took a 30,000-foot view, while others focused on more immediate challenges.

Easy, consolidation. When Marriott-owned organizations are the only game in town, your choices and the ability to negotiate go down to zero.”

Hotel room rates. USA hotels/cities/CVBs work so different than global cities and associations. Time for a reality check in the USA, because delegates REFUSE to pay high hotel room rates when there are so many alternative options available. This has actually hurt our attendance AND our ability to get into many cities in the USA. Associations should NOT ever have to pay attrition when bringing a city-wide convention to this country.”

Losing sight of the people connections in the midst of technological glitter. Also bridging the gap of staying useful to senior participants while engaging and becoming relevant to newer participants.”

Outwowing the internet, creating a networking opportunity that requires people meeting in person. Information is everywhere and easy to get.”

The overall lack of respect for the profession. Rising costs are an issue, especially as suppliers will be competing with the sharing economy.”

What’s On Tap For This Year?

We asked respondents what’s at the top of their wish list for 2019.

That my association leadership better acknowledges that we are the engagement officers of the association and not just ‘planners.’ We are the doorway to long-term involvement.”

Hotels to be more flexible and knowledgeable! Ample work- force to support our meetings and events — all of our vendors are so overworked and understaffed.”

That the board of directors and leadership will put their trust in me.”

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