Extended Reality Explained: How to bring your event alive with xR

We all know (and have experienced), the unprecedented growth and development of technology in our industry over the last 18 months. We’ve come to not only rely on technology for producing events, but help us blend the virtual and ‘real’ experiences.

But what is Extended Reality (xR)?

Put simply, it’s a collective term, combining Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) elements to create an immersive experience.

So how do you use it? Cesar Caceres, Technical Head of APAC, from disguise shares with PCMA the top 5 benefits of using xR for your virtual events.

1. Producing better graphics and visual aids for presentations

xR allows for 3D graphics to be projected into the space presenters can refer to and interact with such as data sets, plans, maps, models or footage. Instead of saying “next slide please”, presenters can touch the data and refer to it as if it were alive in the space with them.

2. Bring remote speakers together

Many people feel that virtual events are not the same as physical ones, as their interactions with people are reduced to chats over an internet platform. Extended reality can change this for presenters can be ‘placed’ into a virtual studio that they can see and interact with, allowing for presentations, interviewees or panelists to be integrated into the space as though they are on a TV screen in a physical studio.

With the right technology, you can even “teleport” presenters from different parts of the world to be together on stage and interact with each other as if they were actually there!

3. Inspiring a natural performance from presenters on stage

Presenting with xR technology does not require professional media training or expertise using green screens as presenters can see the virtual world on the LED panels surrounding them, allowing a more relaxed and confident presentation just as if they were presenting using PowerPoint.

4. Drum up excitement for your brand

Event organisers are able to create a colour-accurate, branded environment with the click of a button and offer a far more engaging and visually interesting virtual event or conference. This allows for brands to come alive to really connect with people.

5. Reach newfound audiences

For many, virtual events have provided access to a global audience that was not before available, which has expanded the footprint of the event investment. Going forward, even in face-to-face events, organisers can still take advantage of this by using xR in a hybrid online/in-person event. This allows them to reach new locations across the globe they had not thought possible to engage with while still creating an engaging experience for those at the event.

Want to know more?

Join Cesar Caceres, Technical Head of APAC, disguise and Nicholas Chan, Regional Sales Manager – Southeast Asia, disguise; Darren Chuckry, Founder & Managing Partner, HK Initiative; Eelynn Tan, Event Producer, Aux Media Group, and Choong Chyi Kei, Founder and Chief Executive, Aux Media Group for a free webinar on Reimagine Virtual Event Storytelling through Extended Reality.

Hear real-life applications on how Extended Reality (xR) elements can be applied to digital events, meetings and conferences through a series of case study examples.

This is one webinar not to miss. In this session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of Extended Reality (xR) technology
  • Explore applications of Extended Reality (xR) technology and the opportunities it presents for hybrid events
  • Learn from case studies about how to create immersive and engaging participant experiences

When: Tuesday 24 August
Time: 3pm – 4.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong)
Price: Free
To register click here.

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