Expect a World-Class Welcome in New Orleans

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The airport typically isn’t the most memorable part of a trip. Holiday-seekers are ready to start their itineraries and business travelers are ready to get to work.

But professionals traveling to New Orleans for meetings and conferences will have a different impression upon their arrival at the Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) terminal. An impressive $1 billion project, the terminal will add three concourses, 35 gates and 100 check-in counters to the bustling transportation hub that serves 80 percent of all passengers flying into Louisiana.

There’s no room for traffic congestion here, with dedicated road systems for both arrivals and departures. This means that instead of arriving to meetings feeling rushed and disoriented, attendees will arrive clear-headed and ready to get down to business.

With 17 lanes—the length of a football field!—TSA has plenty of room to accommodate busy periods and reduce wait times. Consolidated security checkpoints and 45 post-security concession options also means networking and shop talk can happen until the very last minute, even for those departing from different gates.

Meeting planners all over the world choose New Orleans as the destination to bring professionals together. In a city known for non-stop jazz and unmatchable spirit, travelers can enjoy the infectious sounds coming from live performances on the terminal’s Jazz Garden stage.

Visitors can also soon get a taste of the local food scene before they even step outside the airport. Pop in for a cocktail at Bar Sazerac or pick up a bag of the world-famous beignets and a cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.

The terminal is the perfect introduction to the flavors that make New Orleans so special.

Introduce your guests to the spirit of New Orleans at the new MSY airport terminal, opening Fall 2019.

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