Elevate Your Conference With Japan’s Creative Cuisine

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Food, glorious food. Long gone are the days when food was mostly about sustenance. Now foodies are everywhere and love the quest for a great meal. If you want to spice up your conference, showcase cuisine.

Japan’s the place to do just that. Cities like Kobe, Osaka, and Hiroshima serve up not only all that you need to handle your business meeting, but some of the world’s finest foods.

Nobody’s asking, “Where’s the beef?” in Kobe. This port city is renowned for its beef and its sake. Kobe Beef is a crowd pleaser, full of flavor, tender, whether as a steak or grilled on a teppanyaki hot plate. There’s more to Kobe’s food story. Put on the menu Chukaryouri (Chinese food). It’s plentiful because of the large Chinatown in Kobe. Fill up on Peking duck, fried dumpling and pork buns.

There’s a reason Osaka is called “the kitchen of Japan.” Here, the prevailing sentiment is “Kuidaore!” Simply put, “eat till you drop.” That will be easy to do with the city’s delectable dishes like Takoyaki, octopus balls served in a special Takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, spring onions, Japanese mayo and a bit of green seaweed. This is Japan’s soul food. Another favorite is Okonomiyaki, a thick pancake, crunchy on the outside and creamy in the middle. It’s tasty with its shredded cabbage and treats like squid, pork, scallions and veggies. Tickle your palate further with street food.

If you want to get a debate going, ask whether Osaka or Hiroshima has the best Okonomiyaki. The cities are near each other, try both and decide. Hiroshima is beloved for its oysters. It is the top oyster-producing city in the country. For spice lovers there’s Tsukemen, served with noodles and broth in two different bowls instead of the typical mixing of both in one bowl. Boiled noodles are chilled with ice water and topped with veggies like green onion and cabbage. Dip the cold noodles into the hot, spicy broth for a flavor explosion.

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