DEI Spotlight: Using Anticipatory Intelligence to Create a Competitive Edge


After earning her DES certification, PSAV’s Julie Power D’Eon looks forward to leveraging lessons in digital engagement to spark innovation and stay ahead of an always-evolving industry.

Julie Power D’Eon, DES

As Julie Power D’Eon was earning clock hours to renew her CMP last year, she recognized that adding another acronym — DES — to her signature would be helpful for her career. “The production value of hybrid-meeting content has changed dramatically, which has also improved the ability to connect to audiences with impactful messages,” Power D’Eon, an event manager at PSAV Global Sales, told PCMA. “My event experience has been with the production side of live events, but I saw the Digital Event Strategist certification as a way to strengthen and overlap technology proficiencies for both event methods. I was cognizant there was a gap in my organization and took the initiative to reposition myself ahead of coming trends.”

Power D’Eon finished the DES program in the spring of 2018. Armed with a complete understanding of the digital landscape, she looks forward to uncovering new possibilities for audience engagement.

How specifically are you using digital and hybrid events?
I focus on solution options but also long-term strategies to help organizations be prepared to take the next steps with owning their content. Recording is the first step to maximizing the investment of hosting live events.

One of the most important messages I learned from DES was to make a plan, start small, and re-port back. You have to do your homework, and you have to start somewhere. PSAV has a culture of continuous improvement, so we are always reflecting and focusing on ways to advance our client’s events and ROI.

How do you see this space evolving globally or to a specific region?
International attendees want to be more connected to events to which they cannot physically travel. Hybrid events with engagement features will allow like-minded humans to find each other and interact. This collaboration will spark innovation and influence creation. Language should not be a barrier but a consideration. Why shouldn’t hybrid events be available in different languages? Simultaneous interpretation is one solution to connect to a larger audience demographic.

What are you most excited about in the digital space?
Data analytics and intelligence about attendee behavior are exciting. Organizations have access to event data, but the ones who utilize it or consider anticipatory intelligence will be the ones with the competitive edge.

What do you think are the greatest opportunities in the digital space?
Organizations will be able to design live events with the ambition to repurpose captured content to deliver brand messaging and provide educational outreach to their audience.

Interested in learning more about earning the DES certification? Click here.

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