Convening EMEA 2024 is fast approaching, and it’s time to get the word out

Before the conference, be sure to follow @PCMAHQ on Twitter and Instagram, PCMA on Facebook, and PCMA HQ and EMEA on LinkedIn. We’ll keep you up-to-date on everything leading up to the main event and provide opportunities to interact and engage with other #EventProfs before the conference.

More keynote speakers and session leaders will be announced as time goes on, so don’t be afraid to celebrate each of the exciting announcements that will reveal Convening EMEA’s impact on your year and career.


We suggest you tweak the copy below to fit how you choose to experience #ConveningEMEA in 2024!

Join me at Convening EMEA, PCMA EMEA’s premier annual event uniting the global business events industry for an immersive 3-day journey in Barcelona. Be Present. Be Open. Be Challenged. #ConveningEMEA #BusinessEvents #Networking #PCMAEMEA

Cross-sector collaboration is key to our success. Which is why I am attending this years Convening EMEA, lets break down barriers and transform approaches through shared learnings and insights. Lets pave the way for a more collaborative future. #CollaborateForChange #ConveningEMEA #IndustryInsights #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact

This year I am attending Convening EMEA, Barcelona where I will celebrate the diverse paths that have led us to where we are today. Whether it’s from failures, successes, or years of experience, there’s a place for you to thrive and grow. Embrace the journey with me. #EmbraceTheJourney #ConveningEMEA #BusinessLeadership #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact #PCMAEMEA

Together at Convening EMEA let us be present, be open and be challenged. Through trust in each other we can be collaborative allowing us to evolve not only as individuals, but as teams, organisations, and the industry as a whole. #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact #PCMAEMEA

Counting down the days until Convening EMEA this September! Let’s Be Present. Let’s Be Open. Let’s Be Challenged. Let’s belong to an industry committed to delivering a positive impact … Register today to join me in Barcelona: #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact #PCMAEMEA

It’s time to unite with #EventProfs around the world. Experience Convening EMEA in Barcelona and start taking your #BusinessEvents career to the next level: #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact #PCMAEMEA

I’m ready to belong to an industry committed to delivering a positive impact!! Join me at @pcmaemea Convening EMEA where cross sector collaboration informs your strategy, and through industry learnings and expert insights we will transform approaches. #ConveningEMEA #APositiveImpact #PCMAEMEA


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