Founder and Executive Director of the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO)

Sharon Dolev is a peace and human rights activist with a focus on eradicating nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East and beyond through innovative policy, education, advocacy, and activism. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO), an organization dedicated to promoting disarmament and non-proliferation in the region. Sharon is also the founder of the Israeli Disarmament Movement (IDM), which works towards involving Israel in international and regional peace and disarmament processes.

Sharon has over 35 years of experience as a social and political activist. She served as the head of the Young Meretz and head of operations within the left-wing party. Additionally, she was actively involved in the anti-occupation movement with Women in Black, Combatants for Peace, the Geneva Initiative and was part of the Gaza team of the Association for Human Rights, where she contributed to their efforts in advocating for human rights in the region. In recent years, she presented a radio show called ‘According to Foreign Sources’, an outlet discussing the Security and the state of democracy in Israel.

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