Emad Kiyaei

Director of the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO)

Emad Kiyaei works at the intersection of international security, diplomacy and arms control. He is a director at the Middle East Treaty Organization (METO), which seeks to advance peace, security and disarmament through innovative policy, advocacy and educational programs. He is the co-author of Weapons of Mass Destruction: A new approach to non-proliferation, published by Routledge. He is a senior advisor to Goodly Labs, an innovation facility fusing social science research and latest technology to counter disinformation and provide advocacy tools for the public benefit.

Formerly, he was a researcher for Princeton University’s Program on Science & Global Security and an associate at Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution. As a research specialist he has contributed to the publication of three books and over a hundred articles on geopolitics and nuclear nonproliferation.

Emad lectures on international security issues at various academic institutions, including University of Cape Town, Hamilton and Marymount Colleges. He also provides mentorship to students, young professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in social-impact startups that leverage the power of technology for the greater good.

Emad regularly contributes and provides interviews to national and international media, including Al Jazeera, BBC, Business Insider and Foreign Policy. He also appeared in the renowned documentary on cyber warfare, Zero Days. He has also been invited to speak and participate at conferences and institutions worldwide, including at the Chatham House, Harvard University, King’s College and the United Nations.

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