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Build your own journey through our immersive programme curated to meet the evolving needs, challenges, priorities and opportunities faced by our industry. You’ll share, debate, experiment and co-create in highly interactive formats across scenarios.
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Accelerating Possibility: Finding Courage and Direction in Situations of Not-Knowing

Thursday 21 September 2023

Having reframed uncertainty as a portal to brilliant change in their keynote, we will dive into the discovery and creation of  “uncertainty balancers”–the routines, comforts, and rituals that bring certainty to hectic, challenging times. Convene participants will be encouraged to reflect on how their ability to create and support events that have this effect for their clients could help them bring greater purpose and clarity of vision while calming their own jitters in the process! We will then turn our focus to a favorite “Do” tool-activating and unlocking uncertainty to reveal the essence of any situation. All of our events have impact and we can activate that essence for greatest impact when we learn how to trust it’s there and stop “forcing machinery”.

Learning Objectives

  • Reframe uncertainty and one’s personal ability to navigate it in terms of a wider vision of what’s possible
  • Prime self and situation, through self-knowledge and calming “uncertainty balancers”
  • Activate and unlock brilliant action based on values and a willingness to experiment
  • Sustain self and project in spite of the inevitable setbacks that come with meaningful work

Water Works: Purpose Driven Collaboration

Thursday 21 September 2023

The Water Works programme enables ordinary people across the world to get involved in building and donating a life-changing water filtration system that can save the lives of an entire community. Empathy and emotional intelligence are at the heart of this session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Reinforce core learning objectives and dynamics around collaboration
  • Explore the beauty of purpose driven work
  • An opportunity to literally change the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world

How to develop legacy approaches from concept to implementation and it’s positive outcomes

Friday 22 September 2023

International congresses present a unique opportunity for associations and destinations to create positive long-term impact in society. But how do associations go about working with broader value creation when planning their congress?
Through the lens of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab we will explore the role of international congresses as drivers of positive societal change and uncover how DIY 2021 and UIA2023 incorporated legacy into the planning of their own congress based on principles of sustainability and inclusion.

 Learning Objectives

  • Why is impact/legacy so important when planning and executing a congress?
  • How can you incorporate legacy into your own planning?
  • How have others done it and their learnings?

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