The CMP: Collect More Pay

Author: Michelle Russell       

For the past several years, Convene’s Annual Salary Survey has clearly articulated the dollar value of obtaining the CMP designation. In this year’s survey, those respondents without the CMP earned $10,000-plus less than those with the designation: $79,013 vs. $89,627. How might that annual increase add up over the course of one’s career?

Of the age groups that have earned their CMP, only 7 percent of survey respondents aged 20–29 years old have the designation — vs. 29 percent who are aged 40–49, and 27 percent who are 50–59. (Eight percent who are 60 or older have their CMP.)

Let’s assume a 26-year-old earns the CMP and retains the designation throughout a 40-year career as an event professional (and who knows what that’s going to look like in 40 years). Disregarding any other factors, that comes to $400,000 more in earnings over a lifetime. No wonder a number of respondents said the one thing, aside from a raise, that they’ve asked — or would like to ask — from their boss is support for earning the CMP. Because they might not be requesting a raise outright, but by earning the CMP, they’re practically guaranteed one.

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