Case Study: Mystery at Atea City


When Norwegian IT company Atea needed help engaging its employees and implementing the business strategy for 2018, it turned to brand experience agency 6.sans, based in Oslo, Norway. The solution they delivered won first place in the Education/Training Event category at the Bea World Best Event Awards 2017, which took place in Porto, Portugal in November 2017.

6.sans’ goal was to create a sense of greatness for Atea and its partners. Expectations were high with a new management team on board and a new vision, “The Place to Be,” for the company.

Research conducted by 6.sans showed that across the company’s 25 offices in Norway, just 21% of its employees felt they knew how to implement the company’s strategy.

The key objectives for the campaign were creating engagement and team spirit — to foster motivation and strengthen employee loyalty towards their company. The objective also included launching new goals and strategies.

Atea employees are a diverse group in age, education, culture, and attitude, so various channels were needed in order to reach everyone effectively. These included events, activities, and games.

A main feature was a digital-strategy game via mobile app, which split employees into local teams and got them working together to solve various challenges about the company’s strategy. The game’s challenge was launched at a company event in November 2016, with the announcement that the company picture “The Place to Be” had been stolen. The journey to the company’s major event in January 2017 involved solving the mystery of the missing painting so that the company’s vision would return, and it would lead them to the futuristic “Atea City.”

The venue for the company gathering was remade into futuristic Atea City. It was a complete venue takeover, so employees would almost populate a whole city. The theme created internal engagement and team spirit for the 1,600 Atea employees in Norway, before the Atea senior management team members launched their new strategy and direction for the company.

Two hundred teams played the mystery of Atea city game and 32 partner brands participated, with the goal of making sure employees could work well across departments. The target for participation was 60% of employees, which was far surpassed by a rate of 90%. And when they were asked, “Have you got enough insight to achieve the company goals?,” 91% said yes and 97% felt highly motivated to achieve them.

Fact Box

Client: ATEA Norge

Company: 6.Sans

Event type: Incentive/Team building & Educational/Training

Budget: €1,000,000 – 2,000,000

Dates of implementation: 01.09.16 – 28.01.17

Location: Oslo, Norway and Karlstad, Sweden

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