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We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week.

The Inclusive Professional Development Book List You’ve Been Waiting For

DEI isn’t just for hiring practices; it’s for every aspect of a busy professional’s life — including what you read. Inc. has the books you need to add to your TBR (To Be Read) list for a well-rounded and well-represented education.

Peer to Boss: The Important Transition No One Told You About

Transitioning from peer to boss can be lonely. Forbes unpacks some of the social dynamics that may play out and shares some tips that can help you better manage this, including checking in regularly and creating boundaries.

How to Vet a Remote Workplace

As more employees demand remote opportunities, the job market will be flooded with partially or fully remote roles. However, some of these companies will be offering opportunities that are less rewarding than they seem — and may result in buyer’s remorse. Harvard Business Review outlines how candidates can learn a lot about a company’s effectiveness at remote work during the hiring process, such as looking for attributes about the organization’s remote culture and asking pointed questions about the company’s principles and norms.

The Ancient Guide for Uncertain Times

For many people, the world is in a state of upheaval that can feel difficult to cope with, but can the teachings of Stoicism — founded by the philosopher Zeno in Athens during the upheaval, crises, and violence of 4th-century BC — help in these troubling times? Whether it’s war or a pandemic, our health or finances, no matter how challenging our lives might feel, the Stoics tell us, we still can thrive. Amanda Ruggeri for BBC highlights some of the main takeaways the Stoics can offer for uncertain times.

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