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We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week.

We’re Your Colleagues — Not Your Mothers

Gender stereotypes in the workplace pressure some women to take on maternal roles. The office “mothering effect” is an unfair burden that we must address, one HR tech leader tells Fast Company.

How ‘Soft Fascination’ Helps Restore Your Tired Brain

A lot of research has examined the different types and qualities of attention and their associations with mental health and cognitive functioning, revealing that certain types of attention may tire out your brain and contribute to stress and other problems. “Soft fascination,” on the other hand, is just stimulating enough to gently engage the brain’s attention to relax and refresh. Elemental outlines ways to use soft fascination to your advantage.

Let’s Talk About… How to Ask People If They’re Vaccinated

Let’s face it: Asking friends and family members about their vaccination status can feel awkward. But you might want answers, even if you’re fully vaxxed and the risk of getting the coronavirus is low. The Skimm called on etiquette expert Myka Meier, the founder of finishing program Beaumont Etiquette and author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy, for advice on how to have this conversation with compassion.

A Conversation With Daniel Kahneman About ‘Noise’

The Nobel Prize–winning psychologist and author is out with a new book that will have you questioning what you thought you knew about making decisions. In an interview with Kahneman, Behavioral Scientist breaks down for us why noise may more detrimental than bias — which is individual — because it’s systemic, and how organizations can do a “noise audit” to determine whether there’s a problem.

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