A Message from PCMA Board Chairs: Our Commitment to Safety & Recovery

By: Stuart Ruff-Lyon, Board of Directors Chair & Valerie Sumner, Board of Trustees Chair

Stuart Ruff-Lyon, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Directors

Stuart Ruff-Lyon, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Directors

For the world, the past few weeks have been unprecedented, as we see the global toll COVID-19 has taken.

For the business events industry, the disruption has been profound. Like you, we’re experiencing the stress of the unknown and upheaval in our work and personal lives, as we also worry about and care for our family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

We are reaching out to you today to send a note of encouragement and underscore our commitment to supporting you as we all prepare for the days and months ahead.

We care about you. Please know that you are not alone — the PCMA community is always just a click away. We will be with you every step on this journey to recovery.

If there is any way we can help you navigate this most challenging of times, we are here:

Valerie Sumner, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Trustees

Valerie Sumner, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Trustees

Our foremost concern is for the health and safety of our colleagues, members and friends throughout the world. We are carefully monitoring and providing updates from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on our website. We all need to heed their recommendations to minimize the spread of infection.

For the moment, we are in uncharted territory as we all work our way through legal and insurance issues. We have information to help you on our COVID-19 resources page, including webinars and articles. We will come through this and with hard-earned skills and experience that will make you a more valuable business events strategist.

In addition to social media, there are many digital options to keep your event stakeholders connected and provide them with a virtual platform for the content and sense of community they are missing by not meeting in person. If you’re not sure what that forum might look like, check out the content at PCMA’s Digital Experience Institute. The ability to execute digital and hybrid events can help to future proof your career.

We also want you to know that PCMA will be your voice during the COVID-19 recovery. And it will come. We will work with governments and leaders everywhere to encourage financial support for all aspects of our industry, including front-line workers in health care and hospitality. We’ll collaborate with our partners when the time comes to show the world that business events are taking place safely and are a vital element to restoring our economic and social quality of life.

We don’t know how long this will last, but we do know our industry is resilient. We’re keeping our sights on a long-term relief effort, and we’re depending on the PCMA community’s ingenuity, passion, spirit and experienced thought leadership to see us through. Let’s do what we can to support and uplift one another — even a text, email or call can make a big difference.

Stuart Ruff-Lyon, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Directors
Valerie Sumner, 2020 Chair of the PCMA Board of Trustees



就全球而言,我们看到在过去的几周里,大家正经受着 COVID-19 带来的前所未有的伤害。

对于商业会议活动(Business Events)来说,影响尤其深刻。同您一样,无论是在工作还是在日常生活中,我们都在经受着未知和剧变带来的压力。此时,我们也非常担心我们的家庭成员,朋友,邻居和同事。


您的安危是我们所关注的。请相信你并不孤独—— PCMA 社区就在您的身边。我们将会陪伴您走向恢复的每一步。


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我们的 COVID-19 资源网站 (https://www.pcma.org/coronavirus-business-events-professionals-need-to-know-faq/)


目前,我们所面临的是一个未知的状况,也正在通过法律及保险相关的手段去解决有关问题。在我们的 COVID-19 资源页面提供了可帮助您的信息,包括网络研讨会和相关文章。我们将通过这些以及来之不易的技能与经验帮助您成为一个更具价值的商业会议活动(Business Events)战略制定者。

除了社交媒体外,还有许多数字化选项使您的活动参与方可以保持联系,并向他们提供虚拟平台让大家在无法与他人面对面交流时同样获取相关的内容和社区集体归属感。如果你不确定平台是什么样子,可以查看 PCMA 的 Digital Experience Institutehttps://www.pcma.org/dei/)页面.  采用数字化方式和多种形式活动的能力对将来证明您的事业会有帮助。

我们还希望您知道 PCMA 可以在 COVID-19 恢复期间为您发声。一切正在筹备中。我们将与世界各地的政府和领袖合作,鼓励为行业的各个方面提供财政支持,包括医疗和接待领域的一线员工。当需要向世界展示商业会议活动(Business Events)正在安全进行时,我们将会与合作伙伴携手,这对恢复我们的经济和社会生活质量至关重要。

我们不知道这种情况会持续多久,但商业会议活动(Business Events)产业是具有弹性的。我们正把目光投向长期的恢复工作,并依靠 PCMA 社区的创造力、热情、精神和丰富的思想领导经验来帮助我们共渡难关。让我们用尽全力来相互支持和促进——即使是一个短信,邮件或者是电话都能发挥很大的作用。


Stuart Ruff-Lyon,2020年 PCMA 董事会主席
Valerie Sumner, 2020年 PCMA 基金会董事会主席

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