AI and Meetings

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Will an avatar soon cover for us if we are late?

The BBC reported recently on the ways people relieve boredom during meetings.

The old suggestions of doodling and composing haikus are there, but on a more serious note, the BBC reports on the development of artificial intelligence options for meetings.

Technology companies have developed AI that can do tasks including taking notes and identifying a meeting’s actionable items and decisions. There are also reports that an “AI identifiable creature” may soon be able to arrive at a meeting on your behalf when you’re running late so you don’t miss anything. And experts say it is feasible that AI could be used to recognise when all salient points have been made at a meeting — or when one person is dominating. That means the meeting could be wrapped up before attendees become bored and frustrated.

While the article centres on the more traditional office-style meeting, who knows what kind of an impact such AI tools could have on a business event, increasing the impact of all types of meetings.

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