A Camera Priced to Make Live-Streaming an Affordable Reality

Author: David McMillin       

As more viewers tune into concerts, games, and business events on Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, and YouTube, event organizers are recognizing the value in giving remote audience members a glimpse of the face-to-face action. However, if you’re thinking about live-streaming a portion of your meeting or event, you’re also probably worried about a big question: Who’s going to pay for it? Sure, you could use your smartphone, but shaky, amateur video isn’t going to be the best way to present your program. And if you don’t have a budget to bring a production company to your event, you might be out of luck.

There’s a new potential solution. Instead of using a smartphone or hiring a big team with loads of equipment, you may want to try out the new Mevo Plus. A $500 camera that fits in the palm of your hand, the Mevo Plus sounded too good to be true when I first read about it on TechCrunch. But after combing through more reviews and watching a range of videos shot using the camera, I’m convinced that this device can be a valuable piece of an event’s digital-engagement strategy.

Users with video experience will enjoy the ability to create up to nine custom camera angles, but if you have no idea what you’re doing, you’re still on track for success. Autopilot Mode uses face detection and advanced scene analysis to automatically choose the most interesting view. The ultimate selling point for event professionals will be the connectivity: If a venue’s Wi-Fi network is overwhelmed, the Mevo Plus can generate its own network via mobile LTE.

All that said, the Mevo Plus does not seem like a replacement for finding the right partner to deal with the complexities of streaming a general session with thousands of attendees or a large breakout room. Instead, it seems best utilized in one-on-one conversations where the camera can be positioned less than 10 feet from participants. Consider this post-game interview that was streamed live on the NBA’s Facebook page and has collected more than 620,000 views, or watch this interview with Jimmy Kimmel. It’s also important to note that each of these videos used an external audio source, which requires an additional investment in high-quality microphones.

The extra dollars seem worth it. As event organizers look to create additional content to attract a bigger audience, the Mevo Plus presents plenty of opportunities to stream interviews with speakers, red-carpet footage from awards galas, and other bonus material from on-site experiences.

Have you experimented with live-streaming to Facebook, Twitter, or other popular platforms at your meeting? Go to Catalyst to share your perspective on whether the experience expanded your organization’s reach. Be sure to register for the Digital Experience Institute Summit on Nov. 15 for more tips on how to connect with remote attendees in the future.

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